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Who We Are

Our mission is to assist the Asset and Wealth Management industries navigate the building paradigm shift.  We are a unique team with decades of experience developing innovative businesses from within the established financial services industry, coupled with a proven track record of building startups into successful businesses.  We have constructed a sophisticated technology platform which is 2 to 3 steps ahead of the status quo and we will help our Clients to take full advantage of our platform as they navigate the coming disruption.

What We Do

We offer Tindeco VISION© and a host of related services to support you in delivering the highest quality Asset Management solutions to your Clients. Tindeco VISION© is comprised of VISION CORE Technologies and the VISION Investment Suites. These suites of modules are fully integrated with each other: they are based upon the same data model and analytics libraries to provide you with power, flexibility and automation.

VISION CORE Technologies is a comprehensive investment management platform with modules for portfolio management, compliance, order management and risk management.  It is an intelligent platform and is fully integrated architecture with centralized monitoring functions, which have access to all relevant information at all times.  In addition to the benefits of full integration, VISION CORE Technologies distinguishes itself from the competition in a number of ways. Foremost is its flexible and transparent risk management engine.  The integrated compliance engine ensures you are able to move forward and embrace regulation as an opportunity rather than a threat.

VISION Investments suite is a revolutionary suite of modules designed to let you move beyond the world of modern portfolio theory.  VISION Investments consists of our Portfolio Structuring, Quantitative Strategies and Analytics Workbench modules – which sit atop the VISION CORE  Technologies platform and are fully integrated with it.  The modules are designed to enable you to offer sophisticated and customized investment products and strategies in an efficient manner – and where sensible – with an automated set of workflows.

Tindeco Services helps you to focus on your areas of competitive advantage.  Starting with customised implementations of Tindeco VISION©, our team of software engineers and business analysts are experienced in asset management and can ensure VISION is up an running at your site with maximum speed.  We also offer services that allow us to support you in the back, middle or front office.

The entire Tindeco VISION© platform allows you to offer your Clients better products, implement a more rigorous investment processes, create better performance, and manage your organization effectively.

Our Vision

At Tindeco we believe that we can create, together with professional Asset and Wealth Managers, a new world where the Client benefits:

  • by moving beyond the world of modern portfolio theory to a world where portfolios are structured to have the characteristics which meet Client’s needs
  • a world where capital preservation and asset liability management are at the forefront
  • from products which are truly focused on both managing risk and creating alpha rather than providing beta in a fancy wrapper
  • from managers with an improved ability to identify and implement strategies which can create alpha
  • from advice that is designed to fit Client’s risk tolerance and investment objectives
  • from managers who are increasingly free from administrative burdens due to support from automation