Scalable Investing
Made Simple

Welcome to the future of investment management


The Future of Investing is Tindeco

The Tindeco platform provides everything you need to scale your wealth or asset management business:

  • Out of the box investment strategies which you can use to automate portfolio management
  • Customizable investment strategy templates to rapidly create custom strategies in minutes
  • The tools and resources to interactively design your own systematic strategies 
  • Access to a set of powerful integrations with our partners who provide data, analytics, algorithms, model portfolios and more

Implement systematic investment strategies to manage portfolios in a highly automated fashion

Leverage automation to deliver custom investment portfolios to your clients

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About customized investment solutions

What We Do

For Investment Managers

Let Tindeco help you scale your business and offer your clients customized investment solutions.

Whether you manage discretionary portfolios in separately managed accounts or investment funds, Tindeco can help you scale your business and offer customisation to your clients.

We can help you design and implement virtually any systematic investment processes in a scalable manner to achieve a high degree of automation.

We offer simple solutions that allow you to work with modular investment blocks and create and track custom indices or model portfolios. We also provide everything you need to work with more sophisticated strategies for creating performance and managing risk.

We ensure that you can offer precisely the degree of customisation that makes sense for each of your clients.

Our capabilities are multi-asset class and multi-strategy including derivatives.

Furthermore, Tindeco is open so that you can easily embed your internal research and utilize the resources provided by our wide range of partners most effectively. Our partners provide the inputs to your investment process: data, investment forecasts, model portfolios, calculation engines and algorithms.

For Partners

Join our partner network to grow your business and better serve your clients.

Offer additional high value added solutions to your clients
If you are a provider of portfolio management technology our Tindeco Investment Studio can help you to offer your clients the tools to automate their business and provide custom solutions to their clients. Join our partner network.

Monetize your investment research, data, model portfolios or investment technology
Help your clients to use your content more effectively. Our Studio lets them embed your content in systematic investment solutions. Join our partner network.

Offer specialized investment strategies to your clients
Publish your strategies to our dedicated strategy marketplace, granting clients direct access to your offerings through our user-friendly interface, while protecting your secret sauce. Join our partner network.

Our Products

Tindeco Investment Studio

Our Tindeco Investment Studio lets you rapidly design customizable investment strategies. 

  • Drag, drop and connect resources like data, analytics, algorithms, model portfolios and logic to build your systematic investment strategies
  • Publish your strategies to our Marketplace or select and customize a wide range of configurable, out-of-the-box investment strategies

Tindeco Investment Manager

Our Tindeco Investment Manager understands strategies designed in the Investment Studio and implements them automatically – or according to your specific required workflows.

  • Provides FIX connectivity to a wide range of partner trading platforms like Interactive Brokers and Bloomberg, and can be configured to support custom trading workflows
  • Offers advanced risk and performance analytics across a wide range of asset classes and instrument types including derivatives – these analytics can be used when designing strategies in the Studio
  • Provides a compliance rules engine to create rules and rulesets so that your strategies are able to automate compliance
  • Offers a complete set of APIs as well as advanced event handling, queuing and messaging technologies for easy integration and data exchange 

As Seen On

This is the best software I’ve ever seen.

Tindeco lets me orchestrate all of the data, analytics and engines that I need to manage my investments.

Our growth strategy is based on offering customised portfolios. We think Tindeco is the platform that can help us to reach our goals.

Everyone is talking about ‘segment for one’ – but no one has the solution … I think Tindeco has the solution.


What fees does Tindeco Charge?

Tindeco charges based upon the assets being managed using strategies developed in the Studio and / or offered in the Marketplace. Fees vary with the complexity of the strategy as well as the partner content which is utilized. Minimum fees apply.

Do I need a specific portfolio management system?

You do not need a specific PMS. Tindeco is integrated with a variety of third party portfolio and order management systems. Our advanced integration capabilities lets us integrate with the systems you are using today.

How can my end clients influence what is in their portfolios?

You decide what degree of customization to offer your clients. In our experience, private clients tend to have relatively simple desires related to inclusion / exclusion criteria, risk tolerances (capital preservation and drawdown targets) and their ethical beliefs. Institutional clients are more likely to have custom requirements based on tracking error, risk allocations and turnover. Tindeco enables you to offer precisely the degree of customization that you target for each of your clients.

How long does it take to get started?

It’s easy to get started with Tindeco. Our systems have advanced data exchange capabilities and are integrated with a wide variety of PMS, OMS and brokerage platforms.