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The Tindeco team understands your needs and speaks your language as asset managers.

Tindeco VISION allows you to offer your Clients better products, improve investment performance and manage your organization more effectively.

Welcome to Tindeco

At Tindeco we are focused on helping Investment Managers like yourself by reducing complexity and increasing automation to enable you to provide better investment management solutions to your Clients. Our Tindeco VISION© platform is a unique fully integrated investment management platform built using the latest technologies. This makes VISION flexible, fast and easy to use. VISION is comprised of our VISION CORE Technologies and VISION Investments product suites. VISION CORE Technologies helps managers do what they do today – with significant improvement in efficiency and a greater focus on risk management. Our VISION Investments modules are aimed at helping investment managers gain the advantage and become part of the current industry disruption – rather than a casualty of the changes underway. The VISION platform has been designed to help you become better at what you are doing today – while at the same time enabling you to build a differentiated business for tomorrow.


Award-Winning Tindeco VISION

Key Benefits

Benefit from an Integrated Solution

A fully integrated solution provides power by ensuring everyone in the organisation is working with the same numbers at the same time. It is less costly to maintain and reduces data costs dramatically. If you care about pre-trade risk compliance it’s a must-have. More...

Be Ready to Meet Regulatory Challenges

MiFid 2, FIDLEG and other regulations are a reality. While your competitors are struggling, take the advantage. More...

Make Risk Management into an Asset

Risk Management is more than a box-ticking exercise. Allocating a risk-budget instead of hard currency can help you leverage your best investment ideas into investment performance. More...

Understand your Performance

Create portfolio trees to show performance, risk by unit, Client, product, asset class, manager or strategy: whatever hierarchy you need. Full risk attribution at position and group level ensures risk is taken into consideration. More...

Become More Systematic & Let Automation Work for You

Becoming systematic has many advantages. Your organisation becomes scalable since more of what you do can be automated. You also reduce regulatory risks by always ensuring suitability. Taking advantage of market anomalies can boost performance and be a marketing tool. Making consistent implementation of hedging strategies a no-brainer. More...

Offer Innovative Products

The robo-adviser model is a serious potential threat for managers of plain vanilla products. Sophistication Made Simple means you can offer sophisticated customised products on a scalable basis. Think about capital preservation, target return, structured beta and pure alpha multi-strategy products. More...

What Our Clients Say

  • ”We’ve been using VISION for the past 3 years. The Tindeco/VISION team understands our needs and speaks our language as asset managers. Furthermore, I really enjoy the flexibility that VISION provides, as well as the timely and effective customer support the Tindeco team delivers. VISION has made my life much easier and I’ve been able to increase my focus on the financial markets – technology the way it should be.”

    Multi-asset class Absolute Return Fund Manager

  • ”The challenging environment in the financial industry necessitates staying flexible and to responding immediately to evolving regulatory and market requirements. Tindeco Vision allows us to react very quickly. The system is very user friendly and therefore ensures an efficient use of personnel resources. The possibility to customize reports is another advantage.”

    Director Operations and Investment Controlling

  • ”In order to meet our clients’ expectations, I depend on solid technology, provided by the Tindeco VISION platform. We took our time to compare the services and overall offering from Tindeco, against the market leaders in this space; looking for an application which would deliver excellent data quality, capture granular levels of detail and keep pace with market dynamics. Tindeco VISION is capable of achieving this and more.”

    Fixed income portfolio manager

  • ”From order management to the comprehensive risk tool, my colleagues and I are able to use one single system for all tasks pertaining to our portfolio management needs. The caliber of support from the team is exceptionally high and the availability of their expertise is refreshing and extremely helpful. Tindeco VISION is an innovative and a novel approach to the “norm”. I am very pleased to be able to endorse both the application and additional services.”

    Fixed income portfolio manager

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