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Tindeco VISION: created by Investment Managers for Investment Managers

VISION helps you scale your business

VISION helps you to provide customised investment solutions

VISION lets you design, test and implement a wide variety of customised investment portfolios and advisory processes in a highly automated fashion. This helps you become more efficient and allows you to implement a more scalable operating model. The end result is a better value proposition for your clients. Select your profile below to learn more!

Our Client Profiles

Private Wealth Manager

Your clients expect customised portfolios and advice that meet their individual needs and reflect their values? You want a flexible solution that helps you build portfolios in a modular way? You look for a powerful, integrated investment solution that lets you design, optimise and rebalance thousands of portfolios within minutes?

Institutional Asset Manager

You would like to scale your fund level decisions across separately managed accounts? You want to automate systematic investment, rebalancing and hedging workflows? You would like to integrate proprietary tools and data to support your investment decisions in a single platform? You have specific requirements for how to measure, limit and allocate risk?

Independent Asset Manager

You would like consolidated views and reporting of portfolios across multiple custodian banks? Your clients increasingly expect customised investment solutions? You would like to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal guidelines? You would like a simple comprehensive cloud solution that can scale as your business grows?

Key Benefits

Accelerate your growth

  • Offer customised investment solutions to your clients
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Generate more revenue

Become more efficient

  • Reduce cost of production
  • Lower operational complexity
  • Scale your business

Improve your flexibility

  • Integrate your proprietary tools and data
  • Execute trades with all of your counterparties via FIX
  • Profit from short implementation timelines

"You've hit the nail on the head! I knew there was a gap in the marketplace for customised portfolios. We wanted to fill that gap but I could never find the technology that would allow us to manage the products without ballooning our costs. But you've done it. I'm very impressed.“

Chief Investment Officer

“We compared Tindeco VISION to the global market leaders in this space; looking for an application which delivers excellent data quality, captures granular levels of detail and keeps pace with market dynamics. Tindeco VISION is capable of achieving this and more.”

Fixed income portfolio manager

“The Tindeco team understands our needs and speaks our language. I also really enjoy the flexibility that VISION provides and the timely and effective customer support. VISION has made my life much easier and I have been able to increase my focus on the financial markets.”

Multi-asset class fund manager

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