Tindeco Investment Manager

A comprehensive, modern and highly flexible platform for serious investment managers

A comprehensive, modern and highly flexible platform for serious investment managers

The platform provides advanced portfolio, risk and order management capabilities and can be utilized as the core platform for investment managers who require these systems.

It can also be utilized as an integration layer so that you can work with the Tindeco Investment Studio while continuing to use with your current PMS / OMS.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management distinguishes itself via flexibility, speed and integration.

  • Data: Manage and analyse all of your key investment data in one system and automate the exchange of data throughout your system landscape
  • Analytics: Offers robust and comprehensive analytics supported by its flexible multi-level asset classification capabilities. Exposures as well as performance contribution and attribution metrics are available on an absolute or relative basis for any asset or group thereof over any period of time
  • Investment management: Efficiently manage large numbers of customised portfolios according to your specific investment process
  • Compliance: Ensure investment and risk compliance with out-of-the-box rulesets, flexible rules engine and coded compliance rules framework
  • Reporting: Create customised reports for your clients using comprehensive and flexible analytics 
  • Automation: Utilize various tools which support the automation of workflows throughout the system for maximal efficiency (e.g. mass-rebalancing of portfolios)

Risk Management

Risk is a comprehensive, open and flexible solution.

  • Comprehensiveness: Calculate all the risk metrics that you require across investment management, risk management, compliance and controlling
  • Flexibility: Get complete flexibility to choose how you model the risks in your portfolios
  • Efficiency: Leverage a high degree of automation to streamline your risk management processes
  • Openness: Use custom risk factors and valuation models to handle specialised needs
  • Integration: Fully integrated with Portfolio Management and Order Management enabling pre-trade compliance and ongoing limit monitoring

Order Management

Order Management delivers functionality for managing order workflows and connecting to execution platforms.

  • Access: Access multitudes of brokers who communicate using the FIX protocol for sending and receiving orders ( provides out of the bock access to marketplaces such as Bloomberg EMSX, TSOX, FX GO; Interactive Brokers; MarketAxess etc. and can be connected directly to your bank’s dealing desk)
  • Scale: Efficiently handle orders from thousands of portfolios with order aggregation and allocation functionalities
  • Workflow: The modular workflow design enables the implementation of custom trading workflows according to instrument type, asset class, liquidity tier, user group, regulatory requirements etc.
  • Reporting: Receive execution reports and send regulatory reporting directly to reporting platforms (e.g. Bloomberg R-Hub)


CRM focuses on the regulatory aspects of Client Relationship Management.

  • Data: Manage key client data require to fulfill regulatory obligations such as KYC, AML, FATCA, MiFID I, MiFID2 and FIDLEG / FINIG
  • Onboarding: Design custom onboarding questionnaires that help you map clients to suitable investment profiles
  • Integration: Integrate third party data sources to ensure cross-border product and service suitability, PEP status, etc.
  • Audit: Record client contacts and document advice given
  • Alerts: Create alerts when breaches occur and get prompts to review / update client information before expiration
  • Family structure: Graphically manage complex family relationships (incl. Trust, PoA, Settlors etc.) that can be used to automatically construct portfolio hierarchies


Workflow automation

The Investment Manager can interpret the strategies developed in the Studio which enables you to tailor the implementation process to meet your desired workflows whilst having the highest degree of automation possible

Connectivity / Integration

Plug-in architecture and advanced integration capabilities with messaging, queuing and event handling for real-time data exchange and automated workflow management.

Integrated with multi-lateral trading facilities and venues which use the FIX messaging protocol. It can also integrate with your current installed OMS and / or core banking system.


Tindeco utilizes scalable cloud-based technology that provides you with on-demand computing power.

Scale your business with our Tindeco Investment Studio

Select and customize a wide-range of out-of-the-box investment strategies or design new strategies in minutes with our no-code technology. They can be implemented on the Tindeco Investment Manager or the system of your choice in a highly automated fashion.


What fees does Tindeco Charge?

Tindeco charges based upon the assets being managed using strategies developed in the Studio and / or offered in the Marketplace. Fees vary with the complexity of the strategy as well as the partner content which is utilized. Minimum fees apply

Do I need a specific portfolio management system?

You do not need a specific PMS. Tindeco is integrated with a variety of third party portfolio and order management systems. Our advanced integration capabilities lets us integrate with the systems you are using today. 

How can my end clients influence what is in their portfolios?

You decide what degree of customization to offer your clients. In our experience, private clients tend to have relatively simple desires related to inclusion / exclusion criteria, risk tolerances (capital preservation and drawdown targets) and their ethical beliefs. Institutional clients are more likely to have custom requirements based on tracking error, risk allocations and turnover. Tindeco enables you to offer precisely the degree of customization that you target for each of your clients.

How long does it take to get started?

It’s easy to get started with Tindeco. Our systems have advanced data exchange capabilities and are integrated with a wide variety of PMS, OMS and brokerage platforms.